Friday, November 26, 2010

The Natalee Halloway Saga

You might remember the story of Natalee Halloway.
She was in Aruba as a graduation party with more than a 100 fellow students when she disappeared, never to be seen again.

On May 30, 2005, when Natalee Holloway disappeared after leaving a bar in Aruba, Joran Van der Sloot, then 17 years old, immerged as the chief suspect in the case. Some of Natalee’s friends confirmed that she was last seen with this man. Joran was questioned but according to Natalee’s parents the police in Aruba was not of much help. Joran admitted that he was with Natalee, and that Natalee was drunk, he said that he fondled her in the back of the car while his two friends were in the back seat after which they dropped her at her hotel.

Natalee was never at the hotel that night, as confirmed by her mother after watching surveillance tapes. Although Joran was arrested twice in the case, no charges were ever filed against him in the Holloway case.

Five years to the day later, Stephany Flores Ramirez, 21, was killed in a hotel room rented to Van der Sloot, who was in Lima, Peru to participate in a poker tournament. After he fled to Chile, he was arrested and returned to Peru to face murder charges.

Seems that the Natalee Halloway case might be looked at again.

What’s your opinion on this case?


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