Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Infamous murderer Theodore Bundy

Crime is something I think all countries have in common.
You can't tell me that you live in a place where there is no crime what so ever...

I'm a first year student of criminal psychology and criminology is very fascinating to me.

I love to do research on serial killers and other criminals and I love watching the Crime and Investigation channel. They way that a criminals mind works is utterly fascinating.

I recently finished reading The Stranger Beside me by Ann Rule and it gave me chills.

For those of you who don't know this story, you should follow the link, its the story of Ted Bundy and how Ann Rule knew him, wrote letters to him and sent him money in prison. She could not believe at first that this man that she knew was the one responsible for committing this heinous crimes... although in the back of her mind she knew it must be him.

Stories like this are really interesting to me.

Tell me about what your favorite crime book is?
Who's your favorite author etc?

Have fun and don't be afraid of the dark now...

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