Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog hop and Follow Friday

Hey everyone...

Book blogger hop is hosted by Crazy for Books, and because this weeks question involves villains I thought it would be a great idea to post this on my Crime blog...

This weeks question is:
"Who's your all-time favorite book villain?"
Well on this blog it's easy... there are a few:

1. Ted Bundy - The stranger beside me: Wow I mean he is the ultimate villain!

2. Jack the Ripper - The Complete Jack the Ripper: there have been so many stories about him that you kind of love him like a celebrity now...

3. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley - The World's Most Infamous Murders: Ok, so their not favorite's but I love to do research on them, couple killers are very interesting.

I've always been facinated by killers, doing loads of research on them to find out what they were like, why they did it, so if you have any great recommendations on books, please let me know?

Who is your favorite villain...

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Julie Anne Lindsey said...

You went with some serious BAD guys LOL. Excellent. Stop by my blog to see my pick ;)

brandiheather said...

New follower here! So glad I found your blog. While I'm an eclectic reader, I always find my self loving and going back to crime novels of some sort. I was a psych major as well so I'm sure that's why this peaks our interest so much! Anyway, feel free to check out my blog if you have a chance. Have a great weekend!

Happy reading,

Howard Sherman said...

My favorite book villain is, hands down, is the Napoleon of crime -
Professor James Moriarty.

It took me less than ten seconds to come up with my answer. But you'll
never guess why.

Hop on over to my blog and find out --

Howard Sherman

Elizabeth said...

New follower....I love this week's question.

...Stopping by from the Blog Hop.

.....stop by my blog for my answer and also a book giveaway.

Stop by my blog for a book giveaway:


Chelsey Emmelhainz of HARPER COLLINS is graciously providing FIVE copies for five lucky winners.

MANDY said...

Hi there. I love to hate the villain "Black Jack" from the Outlander series. You have to read this book if you haven't already. I am having a giveaway right now for this great historical tale. I am now your newest follower. Come and visit me at

Niecole said...

Thanks so much to everyone for following my blog! It's a bit different than normal book blogs, but I agree with brandiheather, I love going back to crime novels and such...

Thanks everyone!
I'll be following you all back. :)